Monday, April 19, 2010

Its been awhile...

So, its been awhile since i have written a blog- my only excuse and i must say its a pretty darn good one- is LILY!! i just love spending time with her- and when shes sleeping im usually doing something i NEED to do!! Like, laundry, cleaning, dishes, eating, showering or sleeping!! LOL But im here- were all doing GREAT!

Lily is 6 1/2 weeks old now- shes doing a GREAT job holding her head up- she has also already rolled over!!! she doesnt like being on her back when she sleeps so we have been letting her sleep on her tummy. im not too worried about it- she pretty much has the head turning down... she also started sleeping thru the night already!!! about a week or so ago- she goes to bed around 11 or 12 and ALWAYS sleeps at least 5 hours... sometimes 6. so i really cant complain! she smiles like crazy and is starting to copy our mouth movement- trying to coo. she is the sweetest thing ever!! down side- she is totally spoiled rotten. she has to be walked for EVERY nap and sometimes at night too- and always puts up a 10 or so min. fight. i think shes scared shes going to miss something. 

Had my 6 week check up- all is well. Still havnt had sex again with the hubs- its really hard to "get in the mood" when you have a little baby!! but hopefully we will get the romance back soon! on the 27th im getting mirina- so if anyone has any inside on that let me know! Other than that its pretty much the same old same old- hopefully i wont be a stranger to my blog too much anymore!! i know alot of you are getting ready to pop- so i wish you all the best of luck on your labor journey!! hopefully its a good as mine was- and enjoy every second... its all so worth while!!!! Until next time! <3

Lily- 1 month old
Lily's first easter

6 weeks old
Blue Eyes and red hair
sleepy baby

 She already knows what to do to get her way!

 Our little family <3