Monday, December 20, 2010

Long over due!

So this is long over due- but this month as been SUPER busy and crazy for us!! Lily is 9months old now!! i cant believe it- mostly i cant believe she will be 1 in 3 months!! =( makes me sad but super excited for all the new, FUN stuff she will be doing!! At 9 months and 1 weeks and 1 day old- after a LONG drive home from Alabama Lily took her FIRST steps!! i was soooo proud- and so was she!! she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and i could just feel the amazement she had at what she had just done!! shes not "Walking" but will take 4-5 steps at a time with mommy or daddy coaching!! I always thought she would walk early- she has done ALOT early- but seeing your baby walk for the first time is like no other feeling!! i can actually visualize the toddler stage now~ WOW!

Lily is still is size 2 diapers! She only weighs 14.5lbs- and is about 26in long. still my little peanut! <3 BUT the doctor was a little concerned about the fact that she had only gained 1lb since her 6month check-up- soooo unfortunately we had to start her on formula- she is taking to it very well- we are on week 2! BUT *yes, another but!* she has still yet to gain much more weight- we went back to the doctor today and she packed on a whole 5oz!! so she goes back in ONE week to hopefully see another !/2 pound on her skinny booty! If not... we will have to get some blood work done to make sure there nothing going on- the kid eats EVERYTHING these days so it has been a BIG surprise that shes not gaining much weight- baby food... pretty much everything, squash, green beans, peas, mix vegs, garden vegs, bananas, apples, yogurt, juice, spaghetti, chicken, rice... i mean ALOT!! she also has 24-30 fluid oz of formula now too!! so were keeping our fingers crossed that shes just little and theres nothing else to it- ANOTHER shocker- they found a heart murmur today too! the doctor said its VERY normal, and probably isnt any cause for concern but we are still shocked and scared as im sure most parents are when they hear those words- also another prayer request from the rivers family- PLEASE let me be normal!! when we go back to the doctor on monday *12-27* we will get an appt. to see a cardiologist to have it checked out!!

But on a HAPPY note- CHRISTMAS is just a few days away!! and we are sooo looking forward to watching lily have the time of her life!!! here are some pics of whats been going on this month!! more to follow with our christmas update!! 

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