Monday, December 28, 2009

29 weeks!! WOW

So were now in the 3rd trimester... 29 weeks down!! only 11 more until our due date!! I just cant believe that we have made it this far!!  And once again I have a little bit of catching up to do- I didnt get to make a week 28 blog- our computer was down and we had lots of traveling  going on for Christmas as well- speaking of Christmas- WHAT A FABULOUS CHRISTMAS IT WAS!!! I just love spending time with mine and my husbands family- and this year was especially special because were expecting- so we were reminded that this is our last year with just 2 people in our home, and next year we will have a 9 month old to bring along and show off!! HOW EXCITING!! and CRAZY!!

So, now that were getting into the last stretch of our pregnancy I'm feeling like I did in the first trimester- Tender breast, tiredness, frequent bathroom breaks, and sleepless nights. I still have not gotten a pregnancy pillow- they can get quite pricey and again I only have 11 more weeks- give or take- so, I'm just making up for my not sleeping at night- during the day. For awhile there I was able to go out and about and I didnt even feel like a pregnant lady- Now, I cant do too much before I need to take a break because I feel SO pregnant! I'm still feeling her move around ALOT- in fact my younger bother Matt, My dad, step-mom, Grandmother, and two of my cousins were able to feel her over the holiday!! So, that was fun! Indigestion is still getting the best of me- my medicine (which is basically Zantak) does help most of the time but the bigger I get the more I have. So, thats not fun... No new cravings really- still LOVE chocolate, green beans, cereal, and bananas with peanut butter! And I think thats about it for the symptoms... Next week, Jan. 5th I have a doctors apt- OH YEA... I took my glucose test- it really wasnt that bad. I had the fruit punch flavor- and I gulped it down in about 30 seconds!! It made me a LITTLE nauseous but over all wasnt too bad- kind of tasted like the freezer pops you buy UNFROZEN... b4 you freeze them. AND.... I PASSED!! so, im very thankful for that!! but yea, next doctors visit I will  be 30 weeks- and I get an ultasound so Im totally looking forward to see her again!! Then on the 7th we get to do our maternity pics!! SO that will be a fun week!! Heres a baby bump photo for 28 weeks... I havn't grown too much since then so- UNTIL next TIME! <3


Thursday, December 10, 2009

procrastinator Ü

So, it has been a few weeks since I last wrote... Lets face it- Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a BIG procrastinator! BUT in my own defense- I have been busy doing other things. Thanksgiving was AWESOME!! Except for the fact that the hubz had a final and lots of homework to do- so while I was spending time with family in Mississippi, he was home hitting the books! I did miss him... as always- but it was nice getting away! That trip also entitled me to my first trip into New Orleans! Which was a ton of fun... very different- I kind of felt like I was in New York only packed into about 5 blocks! INTERESTING... So, since then... we have gotten a few more things done around the house- Cleaned out the "MAN CAVE", also cleaned up Lily's room- got the kitchen painted!!, and we also went and got our Christmas tree! So, I have just been enjoying it! 
Now were coming up on week 28! Which is officially the 3rd trimester! Is anyone else like WOW?? Where has this pregnancy gone?? It seems like since I hit week 20 time is just FLYING by!! I'm getting very excited about the upcoming weeks! Minus next weeks doctor's visit! I have to do the glucose test... yep, the one where they make you drink a big cup of like some kind of orange or fruit punch flavored sugar drink and then take your blood to check for gestational diabetes. I'm a little nervous- mostly b.c my mom had it when she was pregnant with me and also b.c I have had a BIG sweet tooth since about week 12!! LOL But besides that, Christmas is just around the corner- Then New Years!! and January 30th is set in stone now for the Baby Shower!! Soooo... excited!! I just can't believe that in about 3 months I will have a little baby girl in my house!! That will stay... LOL! I can't wait to meet her! 
So, lets see symptoms the past couple weeks... I have been getting pretty bad leg and butt cramps! WEIRD, I know- but no fun!! She is still moving around ALL the time- my little busy bee!! Starting to notice more of a pattern in the times and how active through out the day she is. It's really fun! I have been starting to sleep more... back to taking naps a few times a week- and also sleeping in later that usual. Night time is more difficult- now that I have a bigger belly- I can't move around or get as comfortable as easily. I wake up sometimes covered in sweat! but I don't feel HOT- I hope that's ok... if anyone thinks that its not normal then let me know so I can talk to the doctor about it. Shaving SUCKS!! I just want to get it all permanently removed so I wont have to worry about it! =) lol- I think that's really it... oh yea, i don't know if I have already mentioned it but I have some REALLY crazy dreams!! Almost every night. On another note Cravings-Gotta love this part of pregnancy- FOOD!!! CHOCOLATE!! Love, Twix, mini Reese's, and some warm chocolate chip cookies- all accompanied with a cold glass of milk! GOSH, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I also have been craving green beans, cheeseburgers, and Ham!  YUMMY!!! Thank goodness I still have Christmas food coming up!! Ü Until Next Time!! <3


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Things I'm Thankful for this Year

This year I'm thankful for...

1*Loving friends and family

2*My amazingly perfect for me husband <3

3*My beautiful home


5*The gift of PREGNANCY

6*My two precious dogs!

7*Being able to laugh Ü

8*Sunshine *Just one of nature's medicines*

9*Music -who doesn't love music!

10*Good Health; hope it stays with me!!

11*Pregnancy Blogers and Vlogers. LOL - They keep me feeling POSITIVE

12*Facebook- seriously! It has allowed me to reconnect and keep up with so many people!!


14*The Fall *I love the trees*

15*The fact that I can ask my husband pretty much anything and he either knows the answer or will find it for me!

16*New Image Dental Lab *Ugh, who knew I would say that... but they are employing my husband, and everyone should be thankful for the job they have these days!*

17*Unemployment... eek!!! The dreaded times of life...

18*Delicious Food... need I say more???

19*Road Trips with Randy

20*T.V - and all my "stories" as my husband would say!

21*Soft Toilet Paper... sorry but when you use the bathroom as much as I do these days... you would say the same!! LOL

22*"Lauren"- I finally have a sister!!

23*Girls Weekends- who knew starting something like this with my girlfriends would make some of the most memorable nights of my life!

24*Chocolate- OH yes, THANK YOU!

25*Warn Water,- oh how I love a warm bath!

26*Comfy clothes... I love being cute and dressy but its all about comfort these days!

27*Oatmeal Lotion and Body wash- I'm ITCHY without it!!

28*My God Baby -Bella

29*Pregnancy Books

30*The power of prayer!!!!!

Without most of these things my life would be so completely different- not anywhere near as enjoyable- so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU- and a million more THANK YOUS!! <3

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24 weeks FINALLY!

Ok so now I'm 24 weeks... and a few days- a little late on this blog BUT here is it. Not too many NEW things going on. She is moving around ALL the time- in-fact the other night she kicked her daddy's hand about 30+times- which has NEVER happened. Normally when someone tries to feel her kicking she stops moving completely until they give up and shes right back to kicking and punching me! =) I love love love being able to feel her move around... its one of the most amazing feelings i have ever felt. Sometimes she will kick me out of the blue REALLY hard and I will jump about 5feet in the air. MY LITTLE PRANKSTER! <3 I def. think that my belly is rounding out... still feel like i look more FAT than pregnant. <--- BUT my mother-in-law took me shopping the other day to get TONS of new clothes JUST FOR ME!! which was AWESOME!! Its nice to finally have clothes that don't look like they came from the limited too!! LOL But anyway... speaking of "BIG"- I went to the doctor last week. Actually, I don't think i have mentioned this at all but I didn't really like the doctor that I had. She was nice and all, just didn't really seem interested in taking time to talk with me at each visit. SO, i have a new doctor lady now that i LOVE!! she is so sweet- and makes me feel like I am the ONLY prego. on the planet! =) So, i went to the doc- i have ONLY gained 11 lbs. thru 24weeks of pregnancy. Which the doctor says is GREAT! I head her little heart beat again... in the 130s and sounded so good! It didn't take her but a few seconds to find it either... which is always good! I also reluctantly got the H1N1 shot... it made me a little nauseous about an hour after-wards but now i'm feeling GREAT and i don't have to worry about that CRAZY SWINE FLU!! I go back in 4weeks to take the glucose test and find out if i have gestational diabetes... my mom had it with me so i'm a little nervous but hopefully i will get great results on that. Hmmmm.... I think that's about it- not really having any cravings lately,... still have indigestion- BUT i got zantak from the doc and that is helping ALOT. i'm supposed to take it 2 times a day but i decided to just take it when i need it. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.. actually 2 days from now!! i'm so excited... we already celebrated an early thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family last weekend in Alabama. That was GREAT- love being able to see them all and EAT that yummy food! Tomorrow I'm taking off with my mom to Mississippi- for thanksgiving there. Unfortunately the hubs has to stay home... work and school!! so i will be missing him but i cant wait to eat eat eat!! =) Until next time... <3

Monday, November 16, 2009

6 months... really??

Hey, Hey, Hey! So, according to my "pregnancy book" I'm officially in my 6th month!! Can you believe that?? VERY EXCITING!!! It really seems like this pregnancy is FLYING by!! And since were in mid- November, next week starts the Holidays for us. We will be doing a dinner at my husband's grandmother's house on Saturday- then heading to Alabama to visit some of my family for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday! And I am totally STOKED for that!! This time of year is my favorite... since I live in Georgia, I don't get to see the family as much as I used to! And I finally have a belly- which none of my family has seen in person quite yet!! Also, Lily has started to move around ALOT more- I can feel her any time now, sitting, standing, or laying down- So, it should be fun showing off my self moving buddha belly!! =)

Randy and I still haven't gone to buy anything for the nursery quite yet- We have a few things to finish up on the house itself before we can fully clean out her bedroom *which is being used for storage at the moment*. But I have ALOT of ideas in mind for decorating and I know it will be a lot of fun putting everything together. Also, since our baby shower isn't until the end of January we may wait until after that- and buy the things we need that we didn't get as gifts! So, we will see- I def. have "baby fever"- I'm always thinking about her, and when I do go out shopping I'm always walking the long way to check out all the baby stuff!! Which is fun!

So, symptoms this week- My knees hurt from sitting sometimes- Still have that nasty indigestion, Still craving CHOCOLATE!! lol, but I also want soup, breakfast foods, and green beans! Not necessarily together.. LOL I'm also noticing that I can't bend over as easily as I could a few weeks ago- Shaving is a task in itself! Luckily I still dont have the battle wounds AKA "stretch marks" yet- I did get them when I was younger from growing and losing weight too quickly- but they are not very noticeable... Hmmm- And I think thats about it really- Not sure how much more weight I have gained- I go to the doctor on Friday- which is VERY exciting!!!! I changed my doctor, so I can't wait to meet the new one I chose!! I have heard GREAT things about this one... and 2 of my friends used her for their pregnancies and deliveries! I'm also planning on taking a tour and registering at my Hospital this week! So, I'm looking forward to that!! And really, thats about all thats going on with me- pretty boring week- Hopefully will have more to talk about next Monday- since I have the doctor's visit, and traveling!! So, UNTIL NEXT TIME!!! <3

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Stuff

 *Just a short blog of some things I forgot to mention in IRON PEOPLE*

Okay, so last week my WONDERFUL Aunt Michelle passed down to Lily some of her little girls clothes that she had saved. And let me tell you, I officially have a TON of baby clothes!! I finally finished up going through them all- and of course I will be buying her clothes on my own- but she has quite the wardrobe. I'm talking really cute stuff here. I have already thought about things I want to take to the hospital to put on her. Who knows what other great things I will get later on at the shower- but I just cant help myself!! =) So thank you soooooo much for all the precious outfits you gave us Aunt Michelle!! We love you so much!!!
Here are a couple of my FAVORITE things!

So, the first pic is all the clothes!! Then this one ^ is a 2yr. P.J outfit... very girly!! Then the bathing suit- and the last two are newborn outfits I'm thinking of taking to the hospital! Pink and white striped shirt and pants- and the shirt has a soft, fuzzy bunny- then the white onsie, with a ballerina- and pink pants! So, maybe some of you will remember if I still decide to do that when the time comes... 
Another thing I forgot to add- one of my bestie's turned 21*NOV.5*! So, Happy Birthday KRISTI!! Looking forward to my other bestie, Amber coming into town from Alabama this weekend to celebrate! ALSO a symptom I coincidentally forgot to add is my memory loss!! HAHA I can not really remember much these days- anything from where I put my keys, to telling my husband something 3 or 4 times not remembering the fact that I had already told him.. or that he was there when it happened!! LOL So, that's fun! But yea, I think that was all I wanted to add- Looking forward to My moms birthday on Nov. 11th- hoping to be able to spend some time with her, and obviously like everyone else THANKSGIVING and CHRISTMAS!! Will be busy but, full of love and laughter with all my loved ones!!
Until Next Time! <3

Iron People!!

So I'm 22 weeks now!! yea!! very exciting!! This past weekend Randy and I went to Panama City, Florida to watch his parents compete in the Iron Man. That was really cool- It was 140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running. It started at 7a.m which meant we had to get up around 4a.m!! and everyone had until midnight to finish. It was really cool to watch- I have never seen anything like it! I don't know how anyone could complete such an enormous feat!! Randy and I were very proud to watch them cross the finish line!! SO CONGRATS to all the IRON people!!! lol oh yea and we VERY much enjoyed the beach as well- just so relaxing!! BUT... it was over way too fast!!
So.. something kind of new this week- Feet aches! After I'm on my feet more than an hour or so- they get very sore,,, and my knees hurt too! I can also feel her moving around while im standing- which is pretty cool. it was really weird at first. Like when you go over a dip in the road really fast... and your tummy turns - yep that's about right!! LOL As the weeks go by, I'm seeing myself getting more and more hungry! and my belly is just a growing!! but I'm loving the baby bump!! It's getting very round- and being able to feel her move has just made all the not so fun parts of pregnancy seem to go away!! I look forward to laying in bed at night- as that's when I feel her the most! It's also really cute to watch my Hubby talking to her thru my belly too!! She usually stops moving like shes trying to listen to her daddy!! I'm still craving the same things really- SWEETS!! anytime I can get my hands on some chocolate and ice cold milk IM THERE!! Ü
Also, I have finally finished the baby registry! I think I went a little crazy!! PINK PINK PINK!! So, if you want to check it all out- We are registered at Babies R Us, Target, and Walmart. The baby shower plans are starting to come along... the date as of now is set for January 30th! So that is also very exciting... so that's about it right now. 22 weeks down 18 more to go!!! <3 Until next time...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pregnant Halloween!

So, today I am 21 weeks!! Yesterday was my first "Pregnant Halloween."We went to a small party at our friends Josh and Lauren's house. Just a couple hours with their son Ayden, some of their family, our friend Kristi and her daughter, our God-daughter, Bella. GOOD FUN! Later that night we went out to another friends house for dinner and drinks- well, water for me! =) It's actually not been too hard NOT drinking. I wasn't too sure how much fun I would really have- PARTY"s arn't really the "pregnant" thing! LOL But it was nice to hang out with my friends again- Everyone dressed up- we ate some really good food and all in all had a blast! Before we knew it, it was midnight! *Not to mention I still had to take a shower when we got home... Oh yea, forgot to say I dressed up as a cat with a fish bowl- The fish bowl being my belly! Big Belly + Fish Bowl = ALOT OF PAINT!* and this also being the first time in 5months that I have stayed out that late!! =) Being pregnant really changes everything you do! You have someone else to think about... as soon as you pee on that stick and see a +! All this being said- we were BOTH exhausted!! I think I finally jumped into the nice cold sheets of our queen sized bed around 1 or so!! Then we awake this morning to our dog Dexter standing at the bottom of our bed staring over us just knowing we would be waking up any second! YEP!! He was right... After we got up, we decided it was the perfect day to be lazy!! P.J's in our bed all day! It's always a nice retreat- Snuggled up with lots of pillows watching movies on T.V, Randy next to me with his lap-top and books getting homework done. I was in and out of sleep at first-then I rolled over to my back when I heard my favorite part of Overboard on- I put my hand on my belly and I felt a tiny bump in my palm. *I feel her a few times at night when I first lay down but this was the first time I felt it on the outside!* When she did it a couple more times I grabbed Randy's hand and put it on the right side of my belly-after a few motionless seconds she kicks just in time for Daddy to feel his little girl moving! It was a very cute moment for me! Something I will always remember! I'm really enjoying the joys of pregnancy! The only thing I really have to complain about would be doesn't matter what I eat- almost every night when I go to lay down it hits me pretty hard! Maybe the doctor will have some advice for me?!?! I do think I'm finally starting to get to that "hungry" stage too- and after I eat is when my belly seems to pop out a little more! So, thats about it this week- nothing else has really changed... and not really any new cravings. Just really excited that we are able to feel her more now and blessed that things are going so smoothly! Until Next Time!! <3

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Half Way There!!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant now, Half way there!! =) Being pregnant *for me anyway* has been very different, eye opening, joyful, frustrating, and maybe the scariest thing that has happened in a long time! I'm more nervous about raising a child then I was about walking down the isle to marry the most amazing, handsome, smart, and loving man I have ever met! I have always known that I wanted to be a mom. That's probably what I told the teacher in first grade when she asked everyone to share what we wanted to be when we grew up! "A MOMMY! " But now that I'm actually carrying a little baby girl and I anxiously await each doctors visit I find myself asking myself "Is this going to be everything I hoped for and imagined?" But now, half way through my pregnancy- only 139 more days *give or take* I know that the day she is born and placed in my arms, I will look to my husband with tears in my eyes, and we will both fall in love all over again!! So, i cant wait until that day when God gives us the most precious gift we will ever receive, our first baby Lily Lane!! Ok- so enough of the sappy stuff- lets talk about symptoms!! Yea! or not... HEADACHES!!! I get them pretty often... I'm not really all over taking medicine all that much so I get better at ignoring them... but sometimes they are unbearable. Last night for instance- my head hurt so bad, while laying in the bed watching t.v- I found myself trying to shield the light from the t.v-... I just couldn't get comfortable or get the BOOM BOOM BOOM outta my head!! Randy actually went out for some Tylenol *that's the only kind you can take* and it didn't even help! MOOD-SWINGS!! My poor husband.... it doesn't happen that often, but this month- October- has been a little more moody!! = / When I cry- it's like I'm in mourning... I just cant stop- I have gone off the end on him a couple times- hes learning tho. Each time he gets better and better at knowing what to say to fix it- or at least make me happy! Ü SHORTNESS OF BREATH!! A few months ago I could dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, you know all that bi-weekly house work... now when I get going, after 10 or some minutes, I feel like I just attempted to compete in the IRON MAN!! What's up with that??? I guess someone is trying to prepare me for the days when things go undone or half-done! The upside- I have only gained 3 lbs., and have a cute little bump already to show for it! I also get spoiled... pretty much anytime I want something that's not in our kitchen, my WONDERFUL husband is at my beckon call- I give him a hard time sometimes but I know he knows, how much the little things he does really mean to me!! So, heres to a new beginning with the love of my life!! <3