Friday, July 23, 2010

poor lily.... =(

Today has been REALLY hard!!! All Lily wants to do is stay attached to my boob!! THANKFULLY shes not using me as a teething ring- just a little bit of security! Im seriously talking about hours upon hours of non stop crying if i wont let her nurse. She has nursed so much every time she burps she spits up! =( I feel so terribly bad for her... We have used orajel- but honestly i think it only helps for about 5min! Also have used motrin... sucks to drug up my baby but at least shes gotten in a couple naps. Any advice on this would be well appreciated!!! *i guess NO baby is perfect!!* <3 until next time...

FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! so my 4 1/2 month old cut her very first tooth yesterday!! i have been trying to get a pic of the cute little thing but all she does is bite me or stick out her tongue... i did manage to get a little shot on video so check out that on my youtube page!! anyway- shes not too fussy... just has bad diarrhea! so thats not been fun.. but im glad shes feeling ok- ANYWAY.. just thought that was pretty exciting!!! and wanted to share!!!

Until next time!! <3

4 months old- 7/8/10

My teeny tiny baby is now a REAL baby- i mean like the ones most people arnt scared to hold- i honestly cant remember my life with out her anymore- but it still feels like yesterday i woke up from a nap and my water broke! i think i say this in like every blog- but i LOVE being a mommy!! and being a STAY at HOME mommy is the BEST job in the world~ now my little munchkin is 4 months old- here are some of the things lily is doing these days...

Rolls over both ways
Laughs ALOT
Reaches for me and Randy to pick her up! *this just melts my heart*
Shes not so much into crying- more of a whine to let you know shes bored or upset
Plays with her toys-
Puts EVERYTHING including her hands into her mouth
Eats baby food like a pro!
Is fascinated with drinks containing ice-
Sits up pretty well with support
Still in size 1 diapers
Fits MOST 3-6 months clothes
LOVES looking at herself
LOVES the dogs *we have 2*

We did have her 4 months well exam.... 3 shots. =( she slept pretty much all afternoon and the following day~ Also so pretty BIG news... we moved her to her own room and shes doing GREAT!! bed around 9 or 10 and up at 6 almost EVERY night!! Im getting into doing video blogs on YOUTUBE so check them out!!! and i probably wont be doing these as much.. but i will try to get around to it every once in awhile!!! Until next time <3

Belly Laughs... 6/23/10

Check out this video of Lily we took the other day! <3

We had a wonderful FIRST fathers day!! Nothing special- just hung out with Randy- cooked him chicken alfredo *one of his favorites* and then snuggled up and watched movies in bed- which is when we got lily laughing up a storm!! <3 All in all- I couldn't have picked a better mad to marry- and be the father of my baby!!! He is the most amazing guy i have ever met- and I wouldn't trade him for ANYONE in the world!! =)

3 1/2 Months 6/19/10

Miss Lily is 3.5 months now! I just cant believe it- Luckily I am able to stay at home with her- so I really don't miss out on much... Here are the things Lily is doing these days:

Rolling over- just one way... from her belly to her back
 Now she will whine- instead of cry- you KNOW shes upset if there are tears involved! =(
Playing with Toys... she still has trouble grabbing them sometimes- but she totally gets it!
Splashing in the tub!
LOVES sitting up! she does this pretty well when we prop her up!
Eating Cereal for a week now- and we just introduced peas- *i know you might think she is too young for this- and alot of doctors do tell you to wait till 6 months but Lily can sit up with support- and she watches us eat and you can tell she wants it too- Also while nursing she will pull away ALOT like shes looking for something else- So, our instincts told us to go ahead and try- and all has been WELL!! -Not recommended for ALL babies! =)
Sucking her thumb!

She is still in size 1 diapers- Still wears ALOT of her 0-3 month clothes... but can wear some of her 3-6 month now! She is growing EVERYDAY!! and we are so blessed with such an amazing child!! GOD IS GOOD!!

As for me... my right breast started to get VERY sensitive a couple weeks ago- i didn't really pay too much attention to it- just thought Lily was not latching on correctly or something... then last Sunday 6-13 after nursing her she spit up a little blood!! as any NEW mom would i totally freaked out!! Called the doctor- and they advised me to take her into the ER- over the next hour or so she continued to spit up more and more blood- they checked her out- had us wait for a doctor- confirmed that the Blood was Blood... and when we finally saw the doc. he asked me about breast feeding... just as i thought- the blood was coming from me! he told me i MIGHT have an infection called "Mastitis"- this is an infection that usually happens with breastfeeding moms- but can happen to others- it causes severe pain- a red mass/lump on your breast that is hot to touch- and flu like symptoms! besides a little pain i had none of this- but then friday came and i woke up at 2am with chills-and hot flashes. i tossed and turned till about 6 and went to take my temp. i was running a fever of 100.3- from then on i continued to get worse. ending up sleeping ALL day- besides nursing thats seriously ALL i did!! im feeling a little better today- but have noticed a little redness on my breast and i can feel the lump inside- its also warm to touch! VERY WEIRD.. and VERY PAINFUL!!! hopefully it will get better on its own- with me getting plenty of rest- drinking lost of fluids, and NURSING NURSING NURSING!!!! hopefully NONE of you other mommies will have to go thru this!! it is NO FUN!!! <3 But until next time... <3

Baby Talk

Lily is 12 weeks old now and Im not sure if I have mentioned it on here or not but she started to coo alot more a few weeks ago- then a little more after we came back from the beach- but the other day, after waking up from a nap Randy went to change her diaper and I mean it was like she discovered talking for the very first time. She just talked and talked and talked to him. And ever since that moment she pretty much hasnt stpopped!! Except for when I grab the camera to record that precious voice she looks over at me like what?? and smiles!! but if you havnt already go to my youtube page and check out some of the footage i did get under her 12weeks video- also watch the 2month vid. pretty cute stuff!! Until Next time <3

Suprising Family

So I'm trying to do better are writing these blogs- I want to be able to look back later in life and be able to visibly remember all the things about this time in my life! Since I have gotten married in October 08 my life has turned into something I have always dreamed about. I married the prince and we bought our very first castle =) and now we have a beautiful baby girl. and I think this is the BEST job i have EVER had- Being a mom is so much more than i could have ever imagined-

Lily is 11 weeks old now! She is starting to develop this incredibly cute personality! she smiles ALL the time- Shes starting to giggle and her cooing is becoming more frequent and conversational!
I just love being able to see her grow!!!

Last weekend my mom and I went to Pensacola, FL to see my cousin Ashley graduate high school- they actually live in Virgina... so I really don't see them much- actually i  haven't seen them in over a year! so, i deiced to keep it a secret from my cousin! Needless to say she was SO excited to see me and of course the baby!!  It is always fun to show her off- but the BEST part of the trip was taking lily to the beach!!! SHE WAS SO IN AWE!! just staring at the sand- and then the water! it was so cute!!! and this was the first time she was away from her daddy- When we got back he kept saying that she was so much bigger and he was so excited to have her back home! =) Our little munchkin is just growing everyday!! Her smiles, laughs, and tiny voice make every day seem like the BEST day i have ever had!! 

Moving on to me... I still havn't started working out- the doctor says I'm doing GREAT but once you have the baby and a few months go by you start to feel like your NEVER going to be back to your pre-pregnancy weight!! technically i only have 6 more lbs to lose but i don't think that 6 lbs will take me back to my "Skinny" jeans... i have moved up 2 pant sizes!! =/ but i am still breast feeding *which is getting to be second nature to us* we have almost completely moved on without the nipple shield!! <--- this makes things SO much easier for me. it does seem to hurt a little without it.. i mean we did use this thing for almost 3 months! and unlatching when she falls asleep is alot more painful! lol but i'm sure in time these too will pass. i did get mirena put in... i feel fine except for the first 2 weeks i had SEVERE cramping and going on week 3 of still spotting so that's not fun but hopefully i will get used to all the hormones soon. oh yea, and my breast pump died =( i was using the playtex embrace pump! but i did get a new one... off ebay for $23 including shipping... BRAND NEW- MiPump! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! so anyone looking for a pump- try this one it is GREAT! well, i think that's about it... SO until next time! <3

Just a few of my favorite pics taken in the past 2 weeks!! <3