Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Half Way There!!

I'm 20 weeks pregnant now, Half way there!! =) Being pregnant *for me anyway* has been very different, eye opening, joyful, frustrating, and maybe the scariest thing that has happened in a long time! I'm more nervous about raising a child then I was about walking down the isle to marry the most amazing, handsome, smart, and loving man I have ever met! I have always known that I wanted to be a mom. That's probably what I told the teacher in first grade when she asked everyone to share what we wanted to be when we grew up! "A MOMMY! " But now that I'm actually carrying a little baby girl and I anxiously await each doctors visit I find myself asking myself "Is this going to be everything I hoped for and imagined?" But now, half way through my pregnancy- only 139 more days *give or take* I know that the day she is born and placed in my arms, I will look to my husband with tears in my eyes, and we will both fall in love all over again!! So, i cant wait until that day when God gives us the most precious gift we will ever receive, our first baby Lily Lane!! Ok- so enough of the sappy stuff- lets talk about symptoms!! Yea! or not... HEADACHES!!! I get them pretty often... I'm not really all over taking medicine all that much so I get better at ignoring them... but sometimes they are unbearable. Last night for instance- my head hurt so bad, while laying in the bed watching t.v- I found myself trying to shield the light from the t.v-... I just couldn't get comfortable or get the BOOM BOOM BOOM outta my head!! Randy actually went out for some Tylenol *that's the only kind you can take* and it didn't even help! MOOD-SWINGS!! My poor husband.... it doesn't happen that often, but this month- October- has been a little more moody!! = / When I cry- it's like I'm in mourning... I just cant stop- I have gone off the end on him a couple times- hes learning tho. Each time he gets better and better at knowing what to say to fix it- or at least make me happy! Ü SHORTNESS OF BREATH!! A few months ago I could dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, you know all that bi-weekly house work... now when I get going, after 10 or some minutes, I feel like I just attempted to compete in the IRON MAN!! What's up with that??? I guess someone is trying to prepare me for the days when things go undone or half-done! The upside- I have only gained 3 lbs., and have a cute little bump already to show for it! I also get spoiled... pretty much anytime I want something that's not in our kitchen, my WONDERFUL husband is at my beckon call- I give him a hard time sometimes but I know he knows, how much the little things he does really mean to me!! So, heres to a new beginning with the love of my life!! <3

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