Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pregnant Halloween!

So, today I am 21 weeks!! Yesterday was my first "Pregnant Halloween."We went to a small party at our friends Josh and Lauren's house. Just a couple hours with their son Ayden, some of their family, our friend Kristi and her daughter, our God-daughter, Bella. GOOD FUN! Later that night we went out to another friends house for dinner and drinks- well, water for me! =) It's actually not been too hard NOT drinking. I wasn't too sure how much fun I would really have- PARTY"s arn't really the "pregnant" thing! LOL But it was nice to hang out with my friends again- Everyone dressed up- we ate some really good food and all in all had a blast! Before we knew it, it was midnight! *Not to mention I still had to take a shower when we got home... Oh yea, forgot to say I dressed up as a cat with a fish bowl- The fish bowl being my belly! Big Belly + Fish Bowl = ALOT OF PAINT!* and this also being the first time in 5months that I have stayed out that late!! =) Being pregnant really changes everything you do! You have someone else to think about... as soon as you pee on that stick and see a +! All this being said- we were BOTH exhausted!! I think I finally jumped into the nice cold sheets of our queen sized bed around 1 or so!! Then we awake this morning to our dog Dexter standing at the bottom of our bed staring over us just knowing we would be waking up any second! YEP!! He was right... After we got up, we decided it was the perfect day to be lazy!! P.J's in our bed all day! It's always a nice retreat- Snuggled up with lots of pillows watching movies on T.V, Randy next to me with his lap-top and books getting homework done. I was in and out of sleep at first-then I rolled over to my back when I heard my favorite part of Overboard on- I put my hand on my belly and I felt a tiny bump in my palm. *I feel her a few times at night when I first lay down but this was the first time I felt it on the outside!* When she did it a couple more times I grabbed Randy's hand and put it on the right side of my belly-after a few motionless seconds she kicks just in time for Daddy to feel his little girl moving! It was a very cute moment for me! Something I will always remember! I'm really enjoying the joys of pregnancy! The only thing I really have to complain about would be doesn't matter what I eat- almost every night when I go to lay down it hits me pretty hard! Maybe the doctor will have some advice for me?!?! I do think I'm finally starting to get to that "hungry" stage too- and after I eat is when my belly seems to pop out a little more! So, thats about it this week- nothing else has really changed... and not really any new cravings. Just really excited that we are able to feel her more now and blessed that things are going so smoothly! Until Next Time!! <3


  1. ah kassie! so cute!! It turned out so well and you look so PREGNANT! I'm so excited she is moving now too!! Love you guys!

  2. precious! can't wait to read the next, Ya-Ya