Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 more weeks!

So here we are... 30 weeks! I just cant believe it! In 10 or so more weeks I will get to meet my baby girl who has been growing in my belly for sometime now! What a great day that will be! I have been dreaming about it alot lately... I never get to see her face in the dreams but they are wonderful! She is still my little busy bee.. moving around like CRAZY! I actually went to the doctor today and got so see her- shes weighing around 3lbs and 4ozs. She was moving alot during the U/S so we didnt get that many pics but here are a few...


If you look closely in the first picture you can see her tongue sticking out!! =) then those big ol' feet like her daddy... and this last one you can see the cord in front of her mouth, and her hands and feet in her face! seems a little cramped... but just too cute for words! everything looks great- and she is already head down... lets just hope she stays that way! LOL As for me- I have gained a total of 21lbs... so i think that's pretty good. Not too much complaining right now- my back is starting to hurt... nights are getting more sleepless- and i cant really put on my socks and shoes without a struggle!! Ü still dont have any stretch marks- and not really any new cravings. oh, the doc. also said she has some hair on her head- so maybe our baby wont be bald after all!! But i guess we gotta wait a little longer to find out for sure! A friend of mine is going to the hospital tonight to be induced- so I cant wait to visit her and her new little bundle of joy! And only a few more weeks until the baby shower!!! YEA!! Tonight were heading to another friend's to do our maternity photos! Looking forward to that as well!! Here is the 30 week baby bump!!


Until Next Time!! <3


  1. Your ultrasound pics are adorable! Congrats on 30 weeks, that's awesome :)