Monday, December 28, 2009

29 weeks!! WOW

So were now in the 3rd trimester... 29 weeks down!! only 11 more until our due date!! I just cant believe that we have made it this far!!  And once again I have a little bit of catching up to do- I didnt get to make a week 28 blog- our computer was down and we had lots of traveling  going on for Christmas as well- speaking of Christmas- WHAT A FABULOUS CHRISTMAS IT WAS!!! I just love spending time with mine and my husbands family- and this year was especially special because were expecting- so we were reminded that this is our last year with just 2 people in our home, and next year we will have a 9 month old to bring along and show off!! HOW EXCITING!! and CRAZY!!

So, now that were getting into the last stretch of our pregnancy I'm feeling like I did in the first trimester- Tender breast, tiredness, frequent bathroom breaks, and sleepless nights. I still have not gotten a pregnancy pillow- they can get quite pricey and again I only have 11 more weeks- give or take- so, I'm just making up for my not sleeping at night- during the day. For awhile there I was able to go out and about and I didnt even feel like a pregnant lady- Now, I cant do too much before I need to take a break because I feel SO pregnant! I'm still feeling her move around ALOT- in fact my younger bother Matt, My dad, step-mom, Grandmother, and two of my cousins were able to feel her over the holiday!! So, that was fun! Indigestion is still getting the best of me- my medicine (which is basically Zantak) does help most of the time but the bigger I get the more I have. So, thats not fun... No new cravings really- still LOVE chocolate, green beans, cereal, and bananas with peanut butter! And I think thats about it for the symptoms... Next week, Jan. 5th I have a doctors apt- OH YEA... I took my glucose test- it really wasnt that bad. I had the fruit punch flavor- and I gulped it down in about 30 seconds!! It made me a LITTLE nauseous but over all wasnt too bad- kind of tasted like the freezer pops you buy UNFROZEN... b4 you freeze them. AND.... I PASSED!! so, im very thankful for that!! but yea, next doctors visit I will  be 30 weeks- and I get an ultasound so Im totally looking forward to see her again!! Then on the 7th we get to do our maternity pics!! SO that will be a fun week!! Heres a baby bump photo for 28 weeks... I havn't grown too much since then so- UNTIL next TIME! <3


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  1. you are so ready for a know what the unfrozen freezer pops taste like! love you!