Friday, May 7, 2010

Officially 2 months old!!!!

So, my little munchkin is officially 2 months old now! technically she is 9 weeks as of  yesterday- but since she was born on the 4th of march i guess shes now 2 whole months!! =) not really sure how you supposed to count that... anyway, new things for Lily: she is trying so hard to sit up!! yea i know- 2months old trying to sit up?? thats just crazy!! she loves to look around!!! so, unless she is eating or sleepy she does NOT want to be held like a baby anymore! which kinda makes me sad in a way- but we still get to gaze at each other while i rock her to sleep! she has discovered our dogs- and loves to watch them chase each other around the room- she has also started to laugh a bit- which is just the cutest thing i have ever heard!! each week she is doing something new... and im absolutely loving watching her grow up!!
breastfeeding is going GREAT! i cant remember if i mentioned that a few weeks ago i started taking fenugreek- a herb to help increase breast milk- i was only taking about 2 a day one in the a/m and one at night- no change. i googled it and found out most women dont see a difference at all if they are taking less than 6- CRAZY huh?? thats alot of horse pills to swallow!! =) but now i take them whenever i think about it- and im beginning to have some what of a milk collection in my fridge! which really makes me happy- its so much easier to do things now- b4 i had to do things around her feeding schedule- now i can just grab some milk and go- i do still have to make sure i squeeze in pumping if she misses more than one feeding but the "hard" days of breastfeeding are officially over!!
Oh yea... very BIG news- Lily had her fist doctors visit where she had to get shots=(. it was AWFUL!! she got 3 shots, one in her right leg and 2 in her left. and i dont think i have ever seen my little girl so mad EVER!! luckily my husband was able to go with me so i had him to help me stay calm for her! once we picked her up- she looked over randys shoulder at me- like WHY?? i was so sad- but 5min into the car she was passed out!! later that night- she def. was OVER it... smiley and precious! BTW- she is 9lbs 11oz now
The next couple weeks are going to be VERY busy... tomorrow we have a BIG BBQ at my rents house, Sunday will be my first MOMMYS DAY!! next week Lily are going off on a trip *cant say too much about this b.c there is a BIG surprise in store for someone very special* then when we get back- the next week my bestie is coming to town from Bama to spend a few days with us!! but i will def. get back on and update after all that!! so Until next time <3

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