Friday, July 23, 2010

Suprising Family

So I'm trying to do better are writing these blogs- I want to be able to look back later in life and be able to visibly remember all the things about this time in my life! Since I have gotten married in October 08 my life has turned into something I have always dreamed about. I married the prince and we bought our very first castle =) and now we have a beautiful baby girl. and I think this is the BEST job i have EVER had- Being a mom is so much more than i could have ever imagined-

Lily is 11 weeks old now! She is starting to develop this incredibly cute personality! she smiles ALL the time- Shes starting to giggle and her cooing is becoming more frequent and conversational!
I just love being able to see her grow!!!

Last weekend my mom and I went to Pensacola, FL to see my cousin Ashley graduate high school- they actually live in Virgina... so I really don't see them much- actually i  haven't seen them in over a year! so, i deiced to keep it a secret from my cousin! Needless to say she was SO excited to see me and of course the baby!!  It is always fun to show her off- but the BEST part of the trip was taking lily to the beach!!! SHE WAS SO IN AWE!! just staring at the sand- and then the water! it was so cute!!! and this was the first time she was away from her daddy- When we got back he kept saying that she was so much bigger and he was so excited to have her back home! =) Our little munchkin is just growing everyday!! Her smiles, laughs, and tiny voice make every day seem like the BEST day i have ever had!! 

Moving on to me... I still havn't started working out- the doctor says I'm doing GREAT but once you have the baby and a few months go by you start to feel like your NEVER going to be back to your pre-pregnancy weight!! technically i only have 6 more lbs to lose but i don't think that 6 lbs will take me back to my "Skinny" jeans... i have moved up 2 pant sizes!! =/ but i am still breast feeding *which is getting to be second nature to us* we have almost completely moved on without the nipple shield!! <--- this makes things SO much easier for me. it does seem to hurt a little without it.. i mean we did use this thing for almost 3 months! and unlatching when she falls asleep is alot more painful! lol but i'm sure in time these too will pass. i did get mirena put in... i feel fine except for the first 2 weeks i had SEVERE cramping and going on week 3 of still spotting so that's not fun but hopefully i will get used to all the hormones soon. oh yea, and my breast pump died =( i was using the playtex embrace pump! but i did get a new one... off ebay for $23 including shipping... BRAND NEW- MiPump! and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! so anyone looking for a pump- try this one it is GREAT! well, i think that's about it... SO until next time! <3

Just a few of my favorite pics taken in the past 2 weeks!! <3

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