Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Best 6 months of my Life!

So, were already at the 6 month mark! i cant believe it!! still seems like yesterday i was bringing her home from the hospital.. thinking about how cute and fun it will be when shes sitting up, playing with her toys, crawling, and talking up a storm! well, now that we are here im missing the little cuddling stage- and also how much she used to sleep!! LOL but she is the MOST AMAZING child i have ever met!! her smiles are like sunshine- her sweet little voice melts my heart- and i look forward to watching her learn and explore every day!! so heres what my little monster is up to these days...

Still in size 2 diapers
Sitting up *like a pro!
Says Hi- and Dada *not sure if she MEANS to tho! =)
Does the "army crawl" 
FLIRTS with everyone!!
Talks all day.. and i mean ALL day!
Pulls up in her crib- and on the couch
Has the feeling of accomplishment when she does pull herself up- 
LOVES the remote control.. she will climb all over you to get it
Eats SNACKS- puffs, wagon wheels, cheese sticks <--- the baby ones
Wearing 3-6months, still 0-3 in shorts
Has doubled her birth weight!
So... her eating habbits are pretty much the same- she LOVES food!! =) eats alot of table food now. still has 3 meals a day... and still nurses 6-8 times a day. im working on weaning... still want her to get the BM but she has started waking up 4/5 times a night to have "mommy/nursing" time. i know shes not hungry b.c i have offered my BM in a bottle... and she wont take it. the lack of sleep *going on about a month* is really starting to get to me and im pretty sure she should have no problems sleeping thru the night- so we have been working on that BUT she got sick for the first time on Friday- started running a fever of 102! found out at the doctor that day she had an ear infection. so shes been on some meds since friday and seems to be MUCH better! 
we did get to take her to the park for the first time on monday. they didnt have baby swings so all we could do is watch other kids play and slide. she totally enjoyed being there tho! cant wait to take her back! theres actually another park close to where we live that DOES have more baby friendly things to do so were planning to get out there soon! we also have "family/6months" pics planned for next sunday so im TOTALLY Stoked about that!! 
ALSO she had her 6month appt this morning, and she is doing GREAT. were still in the 5th % for weight but they are def. not worried. and neither and i- i was small as a baby as well so i think shes doing just fine. she weights 13.12lbs, 26 1/2 inches- which means she grew 2.5in and gained 2lbs in 2 months. but other than that its the same old same old!! i will do a post as soon as i have the pics back and show you guys!!! *also i have some more recent pics on my camera that i wanted to use for this post... but my camera is dead so i will post another entry of some cute pics i took this weekend!! Until next time! <3