Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crawling and Family Pictures!

And shes off!! Lily has finally mastered the "crawl"!! i thought i would be so sad for this day to come... she wouldn't have to rely on me to get her from point a- to point b- she would just take off!! and that she does!! but i have to say the sight of my baby girl crawling all over the floor, and hearing her sweet voice babbling throughout the halls is like Christmas day when your 6 and realize Santa brought you  EVERYTHING  you wanted!! =) i just LOVE chasing her around. I cant say the same for my 2 dogs... i don't think they really know what they are in for! so 6 months and 10 days was the official CRAWLING age for LL! <3

On another note- we took our family/6 months pictures. It went AWESOME. took about 3 hours.. WHEW- and 1000 pics were snapped!! ALOT huh?? i haven't gotten the CD with all the pics but do have a few in my possession. so here is a sneak peak-

soooo how cute huh??? it was an absolute BLAST- and im soooo blessed to have such an AMAZINGLY talented friend Traci- to do this for us!!! THANKS SOOO MUCH GIRL!! <3 check out our youtube channel for a quick vid- of Lily crawling... and SOON to come more pics!! 
Until Next Time <3


  1. I found your blog through A Little King and I...Love the pictures!!!!! Precious little girl! How sweet!