Thursday, December 10, 2009

procrastinator Ü

So, it has been a few weeks since I last wrote... Lets face it- Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a BIG procrastinator! BUT in my own defense- I have been busy doing other things. Thanksgiving was AWESOME!! Except for the fact that the hubz had a final and lots of homework to do- so while I was spending time with family in Mississippi, he was home hitting the books! I did miss him... as always- but it was nice getting away! That trip also entitled me to my first trip into New Orleans! Which was a ton of fun... very different- I kind of felt like I was in New York only packed into about 5 blocks! INTERESTING... So, since then... we have gotten a few more things done around the house- Cleaned out the "MAN CAVE", also cleaned up Lily's room- got the kitchen painted!!, and we also went and got our Christmas tree! So, I have just been enjoying it! 
Now were coming up on week 28! Which is officially the 3rd trimester! Is anyone else like WOW?? Where has this pregnancy gone?? It seems like since I hit week 20 time is just FLYING by!! I'm getting very excited about the upcoming weeks! Minus next weeks doctor's visit! I have to do the glucose test... yep, the one where they make you drink a big cup of like some kind of orange or fruit punch flavored sugar drink and then take your blood to check for gestational diabetes. I'm a little nervous- mostly b.c my mom had it when she was pregnant with me and also b.c I have had a BIG sweet tooth since about week 12!! LOL But besides that, Christmas is just around the corner- Then New Years!! and January 30th is set in stone now for the Baby Shower!! Soooo... excited!! I just can't believe that in about 3 months I will have a little baby girl in my house!! That will stay... LOL! I can't wait to meet her! 
So, lets see symptoms the past couple weeks... I have been getting pretty bad leg and butt cramps! WEIRD, I know- but no fun!! She is still moving around ALL the time- my little busy bee!! Starting to notice more of a pattern in the times and how active through out the day she is. It's really fun! I have been starting to sleep more... back to taking naps a few times a week- and also sleeping in later that usual. Night time is more difficult- now that I have a bigger belly- I can't move around or get as comfortable as easily. I wake up sometimes covered in sweat! but I don't feel HOT- I hope that's ok... if anyone thinks that its not normal then let me know so I can talk to the doctor about it. Shaving SUCKS!! I just want to get it all permanently removed so I wont have to worry about it! =) lol- I think that's really it... oh yea, i don't know if I have already mentioned it but I have some REALLY crazy dreams!! Almost every night. On another note Cravings-Gotta love this part of pregnancy- FOOD!!! CHOCOLATE!! Love, Twix, mini Reese's, and some warm chocolate chip cookies- all accompanied with a cold glass of milk! GOSH, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I also have been craving green beans, cheeseburgers, and Ham!  YUMMY!!! Thank goodness I still have Christmas food coming up!! Ü Until Next Time!! <3


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  1. Cute pics! Oh, and I wake up in the night sweating, but not hot, all the time.