Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Things I'm Thankful for this Year

This year I'm thankful for...

1*Loving friends and family

2*My amazingly perfect for me husband <3

3*My beautiful home


5*The gift of PREGNANCY

6*My two precious dogs!

7*Being able to laugh Ü

8*Sunshine *Just one of nature's medicines*

9*Music -who doesn't love music!

10*Good Health; hope it stays with me!!

11*Pregnancy Blogers and Vlogers. LOL - They keep me feeling POSITIVE

12*Facebook- seriously! It has allowed me to reconnect and keep up with so many people!!


14*The Fall *I love the trees*

15*The fact that I can ask my husband pretty much anything and he either knows the answer or will find it for me!

16*New Image Dental Lab *Ugh, who knew I would say that... but they are employing my husband, and everyone should be thankful for the job they have these days!*

17*Unemployment... eek!!! The dreaded times of life...

18*Delicious Food... need I say more???

19*Road Trips with Randy

20*T.V - and all my "stories" as my husband would say!

21*Soft Toilet Paper... sorry but when you use the bathroom as much as I do these days... you would say the same!! LOL

22*"Lauren"- I finally have a sister!!

23*Girls Weekends- who knew starting something like this with my girlfriends would make some of the most memorable nights of my life!

24*Chocolate- OH yes, THANK YOU!

25*Warn Water,- oh how I love a warm bath!

26*Comfy clothes... I love being cute and dressy but its all about comfort these days!

27*Oatmeal Lotion and Body wash- I'm ITCHY without it!!

28*My God Baby -Bella

29*Pregnancy Books

30*The power of prayer!!!!!

Without most of these things my life would be so completely different- not anywhere near as enjoyable- so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU- and a million more THANK YOUS!! <3

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