Tuesday, February 2, 2010

34 weeks

So, were 6 weeks away from our due date and I'm feeling pretty good- been a busy girl the past couple weeks so that's why the update is late- So, where do i start?? Had my baby shower. Small group- i invited about 45 or so people but had about 10-15 there. The weather was not all that great- some people had problems with that- But it was so great to see the love people have for me and my new family! we got a TON for that small amount of people too. i was very happy!!! we played some very fun games- ate some tasty finger food- that included chocolate covered strawberries, and chicken salad sandwiches. today randy and i went shopping for some of the things we still needed so that was alot of fun. I have been washing cloths, blankets, bibs, and sheets non stop since we got home. =) her room is finally coming together... i just cant wait to have a little baby to put in there!! haha i will post a pic when its all done... as far as my symptoms go... nothing has really changed- except i have had really bad leg issues... well, more like my upper thighs... on the inside- they get really sore and sometimes when i get up to move/walk they feel like i have been working out- or running a marathon! WEIRD huh?? my skin is itchy all the time now- even when i put on lotion... i have actually been very lucky to not have any stretch marks- UNTIL NOW! lol they arn't quite stretch marks but i can see where they are starting... and even tho they told me she was already head down- i actually feel it now. ALOT more pressure on my bladder. sometimes when she moves a certain way i feel like I'm just going to PEE all over the place!! LOL speaking of peeing- I still leak a little when i sneeze or cough! THAT SUCKS!!! and the indigestion is still horrible- but the medicine seems to be doing the job this week! =) Been craving smoothies and fruit... ACTUALLY i had a strawberries, and cream frap. from Starbucks today- no caffeine and soooo delicious!!!  She is still moving around like crazy- but now i can tell shes alot bigger. they movements are more like rolls instead of punches and kicks. I have another doctors apt. tomorrow so that should be fun! Here is my 34 week Belly.... Ü

If you go to my YouTube page you can see the videos I posted... The early days of me and my hubby- and then the Maternity pics! And heres a few pics from the baby sower... UNTIL NEXT TIME! <3


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  1. Looks like you had alot of fun at your shower! Cute belly :)