Wednesday, February 24, 2010

37 weeks-

So here we are- 37 weeks! I feel like I'm finally coming to the end of this LONG LONG LONG awaited journey! Soon enough my little baby girl will be in my arms instead of my belly! That will be a GREAT day!! lol I tell you what- the last month or so is soooo long! I feel like most of the pregnancy has been fairly easy- and has flown by. But now, being at the end- and just so ready to have my baby its taking forever! 
I went to the doctor yesterday- I was 37 weeks and 3days- we did the B-strep test *NOT BAD AT ALL* and she checked me for the first time... I am a full 1cm- and Lily is still head down. Actually the doctor could feel her head so shes def. dropped! I can see a little bit of a difference- but I def. feel the difference!!! I pee like every 20 min. and most of the time I feel the urge to pee even right after I have gone! =) when she moves around down there- i can feel this HUGE amount of pressure!!! but mostly I feel her feet up in my ribs- she actually has been kicking and pressing her foot in the same spot for so long now that she has broken some of my nerves on the right side just under my rib cage! its the strangest thing- it started off itching, then sometimes would burn very badly- like a sunburn, and then i started feeling like a sharp stabbing pain- it switches off between feeling those ways. I cant see anything there- not red, or rash like- when I touch the skin where it hurts I literally cant feel anything! well, i can on the inside- just not on the skin! about a golf-ball size. Obviously at first I thought I was going CRAZY- so I googled it... just like I do most things! =) and its very common! The doctor also, said it was ok... just very weird!!   Other than that- and still not being able to get comfortable, things have been pretty much the same- I finally "feel" the end coming- which is GOOD!! for a second there I thought I would be pregnant FOREVER!! =) I still have the same amount of stretch marks- they havnt really grown or anything so that is awesome!!! I only gained 1lb since my last appt 3 weeks ago- which puts me at a total weight gain so far of 27 lbs! I am proud of that!! I think thats about it... oh, here is a quick survey I stole from Vanessa!! =)

How far along? 37 weeks

Total weight gain: 27 lbs

Maternity clothes? Definitely!! Since about 28 weeks

Stretch marks? a few on either side of my belly button- and some starting on my love handles~

Sleep? Its up and down- some nights are ok and some SUCK

Best moment this week? Finding out I was 1cm and shes in the birth canal- hearing the doctor say make sure your bags are packed- it could be ANY DAY!! =)

Movement? LOTS- she is a busy baby!

Food cravings? Cereal, Strawberries, CHOCOLATE- and cokes taste SOOOO good!! lol

Gender? Girl

Belly button in or out? its flat but not out

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach & having more than a few outfits to wear!!!!!!!! TOTALLY

Milestones? Starting to dilate-- and dropping

Well I think that is all for now- I go back to the doctor next Wednesday the 3rd!! So hopefully I will have another update then!!!! And, here is your belly shot for this week!!! Until Next time!! <3


  1. soon enough girl!! the end is NO fun so enjoy being able to reach your feet- and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!! im trying to get in alot of that in too!! =)