Monday, February 15, 2010

4 more weeks!!

Holy Moly!! I cant believe were in the last month of pregnancy already! Only 4 more weeks until our due date- I have heard that this is going to be the LONGEST month tho! So, thats not very exciting!! lol- BUT im so close to seeing my baby girl and being a mommy its SCARY!! =) Things have been getting worse.. not TOO bad- but I have been very lucky to have had a pretty easy and uncomplicated pregnancy so now things seem a little more uncomfortable. I HONESTLY am ready to have this baby! 
Yesterday was Valentine's day! Nothing too big for randy and I- I cooked a BIG breakfast, bacon, eggs, and chocolate gravy with biscuits <---sooo good if you haven't had it! We watched movies-I took a nap, and then he cooked me spaghetti for dinner! as far as our gifts go- I got 2new pair of shoes, and he got a new video card for his computer! We got about 4 inches of snow 2days b4... that's ALOT for us!! Living in the south it doesn't happen much! So, that was alot of fun- building snowmen, throwing snowballs- and chasing our dog, Dexter around in the yard! Pretty nice valentines weekend!! <3 

Symptoms- still having indigestion! *i hope she has some hair!! lol* And I'm starting to get stretch marks!! That really sucks... but they could have been worse! VERY uncomfortable at night- tossing and turning for a few hours before i can seem to get settled and fall asleep- I do wake up pretty early everyday- no matter what time i go to bed- STRANGE. but i guess that's my body preparing me for less sleep! =) I pee ALL the time... she seems to have her head on my bladder, so even when i go empty it when she moves around down there I feel the need to pee all over again! My thighs, and legs hurt ALOT- esp. when i have been sitting for a long time- or walking too long. I cant really bend over much at all- it just seems to take so much effort and energy. My nesting phase is taking a break- I havn't done much of anything lately- I hear right b4 delivery you get another sudden erg to NEST again so we will see if that kicks in any time soon. I do have plans to "spring clean" and bulk grocery shop in a couple weeks just so we are prepared. but My mom will be staying here for a few days after we come home with her so that will be a big help too- also, my mother-in-law is only 5 min down the road!
Im getting very nervous about the big day! Everyone keeps saying I will be fine- I know i will be fine... but just like every pregnancy is different.. so is every delivery! What if i don't have time for an epidural? or what if it runs out and i end up feeling EVERYTHING? or what if something happens and i need an emergency c-section?? Just so many what ifs... its very scary! I just pray that everything goes smoothly- but even if it doesn't seeing her sweet face after almost 10months will bring me to a place where all that stuff doesn't matter anymore! As long as she is healthy! So, i cant wait for that day even tho it scares me to death! =) 
Im almost done in the nursery- I will try to get some pics up soon of that! its really coming together!! I go back to the doctor next week so hopefully I will have more news on the progress if any!! So, until next time! <3

36 weeks Belly....


  1. Look at that cute belly! That must be an awesome feeling knowing you only have a month left. Oh and I totally get what you're talking about when you just go pee and then you feel like you have to go again already bc they're kicking on your bladder! Happy 36 weeks :)

  2. I can relate to this post so much... I feel almost exactly like you in every way - up to and including getting stretch marks pretty recently - I had none and they just started a few weeks ago and now just keep increasing!! I am still sleeping ok, other then waking up at least 3x to pee but i have all the other pains you are talking about. it is such a crazy time!!! so many mixed emotions.

  3. for some reason it wouldn't let me respond via email to your comment - i dont know why.

    my due date is march 9 - so yep, we are right along the same lines :) I just noticed in your profile it says you are due March 14, 2009 - i assume you meant 2010 :)