Sunday, October 17, 2010

one month later....

so i just realized that i haven't done a blog in a full month!!!! YIKES- =) i really like to do these things so that one day lily and i can look back at all the things we did over the years- in words... and pictures!! and look at me- haven't taken ANY time to get on and write about life! =( *i think i have mentioned b4 that im a HUGE procrastinator... well heres proof! =) *

anyway... back to BLOGGING! in the past month lily has grown into such a busy little baby! she crawls all over the place!! im chasing her somewhere almost every 5 or 10 min. she loses interest in things pretty quickly- actually its more like she sees something new and HAS to explore! i love it tho- seeing her sweet little face when she discovers how to do something new- 
lately she has been getting into the books on tables, and book shelves. unfortuntly for me they are all within reach for her! =) she will pull them all down and scramble them along the hardwood floor! she also like to push off the blankets i always have nicly folded on the bottom of a side table in the living room... climb up on it and look out the window. its preety stinking cute! shes also figuring out that she will fall if shes not careful.. so when shes been standing and is ready to sit back down she will slowly lower herself to the floor holding one hand down to catch herself! i love how smart she is, and how cute everything she does seems to be! 

She is currently cutting her 4 front TOP teeth.. so that makes 6 now!! we have started to venture into table food and found that she LOVES green beans- she sucks out the beans first! =) she also likes spaghetti, french fries, bread, mashed potatoes, and now that i think about it- pretty much everything we put in front of her. im hoping she stays my good little eater!! =)
Were still in size one diapers, 3-6 month clothing, and most 6month clothing. Shes starting to "cruise"!! says "dada" for almost EVERYTHING!! but DOES know who "dada" is! were venturing into getting her sleeping thru the night without needing help getting back to sleep- which is going pretty well!!! 
Hands down this has to be my favortie stage so far! she has the cutest personality- and shes just so happy all the time!! Until next time <3

7 months <3


  1. She is so cute. The stages just keep getting better and better. My little guy is cutting 5 teeth right now at once and is miserable.

    Your wedding pictures are beautiful

  2. thanks soo much!!! teething gets better- try teething tablets! they worked for us

  3. lol.... been there done that with my first. Nothing seems to work for this guy. Lucky for us most have broken through so he is only slightly miserable now. He is such a wussy teether compared to his big sister.