Friday, July 23, 2010

3 1/2 Months 6/19/10

Miss Lily is 3.5 months now! I just cant believe it- Luckily I am able to stay at home with her- so I really don't miss out on much... Here are the things Lily is doing these days:

Rolling over- just one way... from her belly to her back
 Now she will whine- instead of cry- you KNOW shes upset if there are tears involved! =(
Playing with Toys... she still has trouble grabbing them sometimes- but she totally gets it!
Splashing in the tub!
LOVES sitting up! she does this pretty well when we prop her up!
Eating Cereal for a week now- and we just introduced peas- *i know you might think she is too young for this- and alot of doctors do tell you to wait till 6 months but Lily can sit up with support- and she watches us eat and you can tell she wants it too- Also while nursing she will pull away ALOT like shes looking for something else- So, our instincts told us to go ahead and try- and all has been WELL!! -Not recommended for ALL babies! =)
Sucking her thumb!

She is still in size 1 diapers- Still wears ALOT of her 0-3 month clothes... but can wear some of her 3-6 month now! She is growing EVERYDAY!! and we are so blessed with such an amazing child!! GOD IS GOOD!!

As for me... my right breast started to get VERY sensitive a couple weeks ago- i didn't really pay too much attention to it- just thought Lily was not latching on correctly or something... then last Sunday 6-13 after nursing her she spit up a little blood!! as any NEW mom would i totally freaked out!! Called the doctor- and they advised me to take her into the ER- over the next hour or so she continued to spit up more and more blood- they checked her out- had us wait for a doctor- confirmed that the Blood was Blood... and when we finally saw the doc. he asked me about breast feeding... just as i thought- the blood was coming from me! he told me i MIGHT have an infection called "Mastitis"- this is an infection that usually happens with breastfeeding moms- but can happen to others- it causes severe pain- a red mass/lump on your breast that is hot to touch- and flu like symptoms! besides a little pain i had none of this- but then friday came and i woke up at 2am with chills-and hot flashes. i tossed and turned till about 6 and went to take my temp. i was running a fever of 100.3- from then on i continued to get worse. ending up sleeping ALL day- besides nursing thats seriously ALL i did!! im feeling a little better today- but have noticed a little redness on my breast and i can feel the lump inside- its also warm to touch! VERY WEIRD.. and VERY PAINFUL!!! hopefully it will get better on its own- with me getting plenty of rest- drinking lost of fluids, and NURSING NURSING NURSING!!!! hopefully NONE of you other mommies will have to go thru this!! it is NO FUN!!! <3 But until next time... <3

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