Friday, July 23, 2010

4 months old- 7/8/10

My teeny tiny baby is now a REAL baby- i mean like the ones most people arnt scared to hold- i honestly cant remember my life with out her anymore- but it still feels like yesterday i woke up from a nap and my water broke! i think i say this in like every blog- but i LOVE being a mommy!! and being a STAY at HOME mommy is the BEST job in the world~ now my little munchkin is 4 months old- here are some of the things lily is doing these days...

Rolls over both ways
Laughs ALOT
Reaches for me and Randy to pick her up! *this just melts my heart*
Shes not so much into crying- more of a whine to let you know shes bored or upset
Plays with her toys-
Puts EVERYTHING including her hands into her mouth
Eats baby food like a pro!
Is fascinated with drinks containing ice-
Sits up pretty well with support
Still in size 1 diapers
Fits MOST 3-6 months clothes
LOVES looking at herself
LOVES the dogs *we have 2*

We did have her 4 months well exam.... 3 shots. =( she slept pretty much all afternoon and the following day~ Also so pretty BIG news... we moved her to her own room and shes doing GREAT!! bed around 9 or 10 and up at 6 almost EVERY night!! Im getting into doing video blogs on YOUTUBE so check them out!!! and i probably wont be doing these as much.. but i will try to get around to it every once in awhile!!! Until next time <3

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