Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 1

My name is Kassie Rivers

15 Facts about me:

1- My husband and I met on Myspace!
2- Lily is my first born
3- I have 2 brothers, Trey 27 and Matt 13
4- My parents divorced when I was 7 and are BOTH remarried
5- I moved to GA by myself 4 years ago- only knowing my mom and her husband 
6- I am 25 years old
7- I am addicted to reality t.v and chocolate-
8- My favorite color is PINK!
9- I thought Lily was a girl the whole time I was prego- until the day we found out 4sure- I was 4sure she was a boy!! =)
10- I am a stay at home mom- with hopes of getting into photography!
11- I want 3 or 4 more kids!! =)
12- I illegally download music and movies ALOT!!  SHHH!!!! 
13- I HATE tomatoes!!
14- I am EXTREMELY talkative! 
15- I am scared of getting old!

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