Friday, October 22, 2010

Sleeping Update!!

So.... were about 1 week into our new routine with getting Lily to sleep thru the night- and i must say things are going WAY better than i thought. So basically this is the way things are going now- Lily takes 3 naps a day still- usually about an hour long- sometime she will have 1 that's 2 hours.. just depending on how busy her little day has been. i am still exclusively breastfeeding *and plan to until shes on whole milk which will hopefully be at 1 year* so i will nurse her when she wants it... *she will sign most of the time when shes ready* usually 30 or so min b4 its time for her nap. then i let her play for 10 or 15 min and just go lay her down in her crib. its pretty dark in there and nice and chilly *just the way this family like it!* she has a couple stuffed animals, a blanket, her night-night *a taggie blanket she ALWAYS has when shes sleeping... naps, car, night etc.* and also a soothie pacifier. she doesn't really suck on the passy just chews- and she will talk.. maybe whine a little but usually only for 5-10 min and she puts herself to sleep. 
At night our routine starts at 8- she gets ready for her bath, we usually let her stay in there for a good 20-30 min. as long as the water doesnt get cold- get dressed, brush hair and teeth, rock in the rocking chair while reading a couple books, then nurse to sleep or to a pretty drowsie state. she does wake up a few times here and there- not every night but sometimes, and we just give her a good 10-15 min as long as shes not screaming which is not usually the case, and she almost ALWAYS puts herself back to sleep on her own!!! shes out by 9 and up for the day around 8! pretty amazing! i dont think i was giving her enough oppertunity to figure out how to put herself to sleep on her own- i would go in there to comfort her as soon as she would awake- but now shes sleeping like a champ!! which is another thing this family is good at!! =) we are both alot happier *which i didn't think my child could be any happier!!* and our days are filled with even more smiles and laughs!!! <3