Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 3

Ok so this is going to be about my FIRST love! for privacy purposes we will call him B- I met him through a friend of mine when i was a junior in high school- he was 2 years older and didn't go to my school- he was tall- dark hair- and handsome- for me i think it was love at first sight- the first year or so was amazing- we did everything together- but over the next 3 years things kind of went down hill- he drank ALOT and i wasn't really into that- also he would get REALLY mean and im not going to go into all the gruesome details but it was just a very toxic/unhealthy relationship! 

but the make it short and sweet- he taught me ALOT about myself- and about relationships- mostly i learned that you cant change people- they have to change for themselves- besides after out last break up i needed a change so i moved out her to GA- and if it wasn't for that split decision then i wouldn't have met my next love and soul mate!!! i do wish B the BEST of luck in his life- he will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart- Hope you find all the LOVE and JOY you deserve! UNTIL next time <3

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