Tuesday, November 24, 2009

24 weeks FINALLY!

Ok so now I'm 24 weeks... and a few days- a little late on this blog BUT here is it. Not too many NEW things going on. She is moving around ALL the time- in-fact the other night she kicked her daddy's hand about 30+times- which has NEVER happened. Normally when someone tries to feel her kicking she stops moving completely until they give up and shes right back to kicking and punching me! =) I love love love being able to feel her move around... its one of the most amazing feelings i have ever felt. Sometimes she will kick me out of the blue REALLY hard and I will jump about 5feet in the air. MY LITTLE PRANKSTER! <3 I def. think that my belly is rounding out... still feel like i look more FAT than pregnant. <--- BUT my mother-in-law took me shopping the other day to get TONS of new clothes JUST FOR ME!! which was AWESOME!! Its nice to finally have clothes that don't look like they came from the limited too!! LOL But anyway... speaking of "BIG"- I went to the doctor last week. Actually, I don't think i have mentioned this at all but I didn't really like the doctor that I had. She was nice and all, just didn't really seem interested in taking time to talk with me at each visit. SO, i have a new doctor lady now that i LOVE!! she is so sweet- and makes me feel like I am the ONLY prego. on the planet! =) So, i went to the doc- i have ONLY gained 11 lbs. thru 24weeks of pregnancy. Which the doctor says is GREAT! I head her little heart beat again... in the 130s and sounded so good! It didn't take her but a few seconds to find it either... which is always good! I also reluctantly got the H1N1 shot... it made me a little nauseous about an hour after-wards but now i'm feeling GREAT and i don't have to worry about that CRAZY SWINE FLU!! I go back in 4weeks to take the glucose test and find out if i have gestational diabetes... my mom had it with me so i'm a little nervous but hopefully i will get great results on that. Hmmmm.... I think that's about it- not really having any cravings lately,... still have indigestion- BUT i got zantak from the doc and that is helping ALOT. i'm supposed to take it 2 times a day but i decided to just take it when i need it. Thanksgiving is just around the corner.. actually 2 days from now!! i'm so excited... we already celebrated an early thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family last weekend in Alabama. That was GREAT- love being able to see them all and EAT that yummy food! Tomorrow I'm taking off with my mom to Mississippi- for thanksgiving there. Unfortunately the hubs has to stay home... work and school!! so i will be missing him but i cant wait to eat eat eat!! =) Until next time... <3

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