Monday, November 16, 2009

6 months... really??

Hey, Hey, Hey! So, according to my "pregnancy book" I'm officially in my 6th month!! Can you believe that?? VERY EXCITING!!! It really seems like this pregnancy is FLYING by!! And since were in mid- November, next week starts the Holidays for us. We will be doing a dinner at my husband's grandmother's house on Saturday- then heading to Alabama to visit some of my family for an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday! And I am totally STOKED for that!! This time of year is my favorite... since I live in Georgia, I don't get to see the family as much as I used to! And I finally have a belly- which none of my family has seen in person quite yet!! Also, Lily has started to move around ALOT more- I can feel her any time now, sitting, standing, or laying down- So, it should be fun showing off my self moving buddha belly!! =)

Randy and I still haven't gone to buy anything for the nursery quite yet- We have a few things to finish up on the house itself before we can fully clean out her bedroom *which is being used for storage at the moment*. But I have ALOT of ideas in mind for decorating and I know it will be a lot of fun putting everything together. Also, since our baby shower isn't until the end of January we may wait until after that- and buy the things we need that we didn't get as gifts! So, we will see- I def. have "baby fever"- I'm always thinking about her, and when I do go out shopping I'm always walking the long way to check out all the baby stuff!! Which is fun!

So, symptoms this week- My knees hurt from sitting sometimes- Still have that nasty indigestion, Still craving CHOCOLATE!! lol, but I also want soup, breakfast foods, and green beans! Not necessarily together.. LOL I'm also noticing that I can't bend over as easily as I could a few weeks ago- Shaving is a task in itself! Luckily I still dont have the battle wounds AKA "stretch marks" yet- I did get them when I was younger from growing and losing weight too quickly- but they are not very noticeable... Hmmm- And I think thats about it really- Not sure how much more weight I have gained- I go to the doctor on Friday- which is VERY exciting!!!! I changed my doctor, so I can't wait to meet the new one I chose!! I have heard GREAT things about this one... and 2 of my friends used her for their pregnancies and deliveries! I'm also planning on taking a tour and registering at my Hospital this week! So, I'm looking forward to that!! And really, thats about all thats going on with me- pretty boring week- Hopefully will have more to talk about next Monday- since I have the doctor's visit, and traveling!! So, UNTIL NEXT TIME!!! <3

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