Monday, November 9, 2009

Iron People!!

So I'm 22 weeks now!! yea!! very exciting!! This past weekend Randy and I went to Panama City, Florida to watch his parents compete in the Iron Man. That was really cool- It was 140.6 miles of swimming, biking, and running. It started at 7a.m which meant we had to get up around 4a.m!! and everyone had until midnight to finish. It was really cool to watch- I have never seen anything like it! I don't know how anyone could complete such an enormous feat!! Randy and I were very proud to watch them cross the finish line!! SO CONGRATS to all the IRON people!!! lol oh yea and we VERY much enjoyed the beach as well- just so relaxing!! BUT... it was over way too fast!!
So.. something kind of new this week- Feet aches! After I'm on my feet more than an hour or so- they get very sore,,, and my knees hurt too! I can also feel her moving around while im standing- which is pretty cool. it was really weird at first. Like when you go over a dip in the road really fast... and your tummy turns - yep that's about right!! LOL As the weeks go by, I'm seeing myself getting more and more hungry! and my belly is just a growing!! but I'm loving the baby bump!! It's getting very round- and being able to feel her move has just made all the not so fun parts of pregnancy seem to go away!! I look forward to laying in bed at night- as that's when I feel her the most! It's also really cute to watch my Hubby talking to her thru my belly too!! She usually stops moving like shes trying to listen to her daddy!! I'm still craving the same things really- SWEETS!! anytime I can get my hands on some chocolate and ice cold milk IM THERE!! Ü
Also, I have finally finished the baby registry! I think I went a little crazy!! PINK PINK PINK!! So, if you want to check it all out- We are registered at Babies R Us, Target, and Walmart. The baby shower plans are starting to come along... the date as of now is set for January 30th! So that is also very exciting... so that's about it right now. 22 weeks down 18 more to go!!! <3 Until next time...

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